Health Services

Medical Protection for you to build a healthy and strong team.


General Practitioner (GP) & Polyclinics

Offer cashless transactions for consultations, treatment and prescription drugs.


Outpatient Benefits

Help your employees with the costs of outpatient specialist consultations, medications, X-rays and laboratory tests.


Hospitalization and Surgical

A comprehensive medical expenses reimbursement plan. If your employees need surgery or a hospital stay, this plan will meet most of their medical expenses.


Accidental Death and Dismemberment

Covers death due to an accident. It also covers permanent disablement, such as the loss of the use of a limb due to an accident according to the Schedule of Indemnities, and third-degree burns covering at least 25% of the body’s surface.


Dental Treatment

Protects your employees’ dental health by providing coverage for basic dental procedures such as scaling and polishing, fillings and extractions, and even complex procedures such as wisdom tooth surgery and root canal treatments.


Critical Illness

Provides comprehensive financial support to protect your employees against an unexpected critical illness. It includes either additional or accelerated critical illness coverage for most major critical illnesses.