Educational Workshops

Exclusive seminars and classes for you and your family


Estate Planning

Educational talks on how you can manage and transfer your assets to your beneficiaries in the event of your incapacity or death. Learn how to work with our partners to draft wills in order to avoid potential conflict among beneficiaries. The talks will also provide information on the creation of trust services, etc.



We invite professionals to conduct workshops on topics such as workplace health and safety, cancer prevention, traditional chinese medicine treatments, etc. to equip your employees with knowledge and skills to improve their health. We believe that every employer has a role to play in their employees' health. A healthy employee may be more productive, motivated and committed to your organization.


Retirement Planning

We provide guidance on how you may chart your course towards retirement planning. We invite speakers to teach you how to utilize your CPF schemes effectively to complement your retirement funding. We also present some tax savings strategies through Supplementary Retirement Savings (SRS) for your retirement planning. In addition, we also recommend some suggestions to protect your retirement funding against inflation and other risks, etc.